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R.I.P Sean Taylor

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  • R.I.P Sean Taylor

    Washington Safety Sean Taylor has died in Miami after being shot by what appears to be an armed burglar.

    Rest In Peace, in peace.

    Another young man taken. Sean was armed with a machete, his assailant had a gun. Should have been the other way around.

    My heart goes out to Sean's family and the shocked fans, etc., etc.......what do you say when a senseless thing like this happens.

    My sincere condolences.....

    Some things are more important than the games. But while Sean Taylor played the game, no one ever doubted his passion for it. Rest in Peace.

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    man could this guys play too. i loved watching him on sundays he was by far the nastiest hitter in the NFL right now. he was changing his life around too.

    its such a senseless act of violence it makes me sick, much like D-Will

    RIP Sean, you were a true player GOD bless


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      It's a shame...

      It's a real shame to see another team go through what we had to after Darrent Williams was murdered.

      Sean Taylor was one of the best safeties in the NFL and will always be remembered.

      My prayers are with Sean's 1 year old daughter and the rest of his family.

      R.I.P Sean Taylor #21


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        like any other human beings death in the world, his death is sad...

        but i hope everyone can move on like the world does every day...

        rip sean taylor...




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          damn...RIP Sean Taylor. you will be missed as a player and as a person


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            He was the dopest young safety out there, I am officially pissed off today. Why can't they take the worthless scum from this Earth?


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              thoughts and prayers Sean Taylor.


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                I was just over on the Skins' board (can't post anything, yet). They are devastated. So sad.


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                  I'm at a loss of words...this is absolutley shocking...why does god have to build a secondary this year?

                  RIP Sean


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                    So, so sad...

                    That guy would have been in the Hall of Fame someday no doubt.

                    I must say, in 04' when the Skins drafted him, I was a bit upset because I REALLY wanted to see him in a Broncos uniform. There was no way he was going to fall the the 17th pick though (nothing personal DJ).

                    Sean was a once in a decade or two type of safety, great hands, fast, powerful, explosive, focused and hit like a runaway freight train (NASTY! I will always remember the AFC punter last year in the Pro Bowl... OUCH!).

                    You will be missed Sean.
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                      Over at they have a nice 75 second video in memory of Sean. Very front page at the top.


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                        My thoughts and prayers go out to all of Sean's Family and friends especially his fiancee, daughter and Portis....Godspeed Sean...I think the Broncos forum should put some kind of logo on the home page of the forums and/or site. Be a great tribute.


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                          Terrible news. I has hopeful after last night that he was going to recover.

                          RIP Sean.


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                            Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

                            Sean Taylor at his best. Damn. I for one am so terribly sorry he had to be taken. I just hope god has a ready supply of punters for him to jack up.


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                              RIP Sean

                              I cannot express the sadness I feel for Sean's family and for the Redskins fans. This is like reopening the wounds after hearing about DWill almost 1 year ago. My thoughts go out to his family.
                              RIP Sean.
                              RIP Darrent and Damien