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    Originally posted by BaileyTheBest View Post
    What I meant was, EVERYONE is picking the Jags as a sleeper team. I have heard SEVERAL analysts saying they think the Jags have a shot to knock off the Pats. I think everyone is overrating them and that they will lose to Pitt in the first round.
    The Jags have been playing some great football at the end of the season this year and it's reminding people of the Steelers run 2 years ago.

    I think people are hoping that the Jags beat the Steelers, because Jax is the only team with a real shot at beating Brady and his crew.

    It maybe moot, tho if the Titans beat the Chargers, cuz then the Jags would have to beat the colts first and THEN beat the Pats in the AFC championship game....

    NFC is a complete tossup tho.... all those teams have been kinda streaky this year so they all have a decent shot to make the Super Bowl, although I doubt any of them would win it.