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HOW can I Possibly enjoy the AFC CHampionship game......

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    UGH! What I hope for is a Body Bag Game in the AFC Championship Game. I hope everybody gets career ending but not life threatening injuries. Not The Real LT, Lights Out, Rivers, Gates all get hurt for the ReChargers and Deadbeat Father hurts his arm and ends his career, Belicheat gets rand over on the sidelines by some 3rd string LB on some kind of return, Rodney Harrison gets cheap shot on the back of the knee for being dirty his whole career. The Hell with both teams. Same with the Packers too.

    Go Big Blue! New York Football Giants All The Way!

    But if the Packers make it, I hope to God they win. But Giants all the way Baby.
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      Originally posted by Gr3yStreet View Post
      Uhhh, if the Colts are "media darlings" what are the Pats?

      It may seem like they're getting tons of attention, but that's pretty much because they can no longer be denied due to all the insane record breaking. Peyton "the Pitch Man" is still the most recognizable name and face in football. Though it seems to me as though his days leading a dominant team in the NFL are numbered.
      "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"



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        the 2007 afc championship game: where the nfl will either reward cheating, or being an ungracious, unsportsmanlike sore winner.

        it's a black eye for football but hey, they want their dollars. and being a classy team that makes no money won't see results for anyone. who cares if the pats cheated, they make us money! and who cares if the chargers are steroid abusing loudmouths? we need an underdog story and everyone hates eli. cause i'm no longer interested in football.

        but to answer your question-know this. at least one of them is going home early. that's a guarantee. and the winner doesn't get a ring yet. they can still lose.
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          Originally posted by MarvinWillis View Post
          Im cherring for the chargers and after they win. Imma cheer for the NFC.

          That is how I am looking at it too!

          I Hope Favre makes it all the way! That will make it a fun superbowl! to watch


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            I'm torn.

            Very torn.

            On one hand, I can't stand the Pats. They're a bunch of lying, stealing, cheating blemishes on this game.

            On the other hand, they're supposedly SO GOOD and all... if the Chargers beat them, we're NEVER going to hear the end of how they did it... they're the ones. The almighty Chargers took down the 17-0 Pats.

            Next year will be UNBEARABLE if the Chargers beat the Pats.

            As much as it pains me to say it, I might hope a little more that the Pats beat them, so that they don't become this giant, the only thing that stood between the Pats and the SB championship.

            Then, I want Favre and the Pack to come out and just pound the Pats into oblivion. I want them to absolutely humiliate the Pats. I want Brady to be crying into Belichick's sweatshirt.

            I want Bret Favre to win it all... I've been saying it all season, at least since it became clear that we were out...

            Then he can retire on top... On top of Brady, on top of the league, on top of it all.

            PLEASE, just not the Chargers.


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              Originally posted by Bouncer1531 View Post
              Lets just all give up football and watch hockey!!!!!!
              Exactly. and for those of you who dont like hockey. Im sure you can find a golden girls marathon or something. might not be too bad...