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I give Chargers mad props

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    Originally posted by Hoserman117 View Post
    I agree, they're a good team, but Phillip needs to win a big game without talking smack like a little baby. Especially when he didn't even lead that 4th quarter TD drive.
    For your recollection ,He didn't have to come in. The score stood the same when he left . Don't forget without him the chargers wouldn't have won. So as much as you hate Rivers more power to him.


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      Originally posted by rst08tierney View Post
      I give the charges no props until they show some type of class on the field. Rivers looks like an idiot yelling at Indy fans in the crowd. Even the announcers where down talking Rivers for acting like an ass to the fans.

      Dont be surprised if teams take cheap shots at Rives on the field for how he acts. Its a dam shame when a pro acts like a fool week in and week out

      Agreed personally I bet its Harrisson that goes for him he really seems to hate the cocky fringe good players

      but for everyone wondering who to cheer for is it really a question

      we beat New England when we play them (luckily didn't have to this year) and aren't a divisional foe or anything

      and as for SD they have a dirtbag qb, cocky players everywhere who always choke and they embarassed us we should hope for the New England domiantion that always happens because I dont know about you guys but I love watching the chargers lose


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        Todays performances were just Great Football games ... Period !!

        Anyhow, Rivers played one hell of a game... and yes I dont agree with his big mouth sometimes but the kid sure has FIRE ~~!!

        Rivers does not have Cutlers skills but I'd rather have a QB with a heartbeat !! Cutler is a dud in that area... I still like his skills so dont bash me., look how Elway fought, he had Fire !!

        Damm I enjoyed today.. much better than yesterdays blow-outs..


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          Originally posted by Go_Bolts04 View Post
          I'm sorry you feel that way. Must be frustrating to carry all of your hate. Rivers is a football player. Classless? Whatever. That will always be perspective based. Dirty? I didn't realize he was also being labeled that as well, but again that is your opinion. For my money? I want a winner, and so far that is what Rivers is proving to be.
          I, for one, don't hate him. But his mouth makes it hard to root for your team. I can actually say that if not for his immature behavior I might have been pulling for the Bolts. Could you imagine if Peyton did that type of stuff? Or Brady? Name another starting QB who turns to yap at fans and taunts the opposing QB as he leaves the field. QBs are held to a higher standard and I think it hurts your team's image to have one of its spokesmen acting like an idiot mouthing at fans and players on national TV.
          "Pey-Pey to Bay-Bay for the Tay Day!!"