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P. Rivers had surgery before AFC title game.

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    Originally posted by Mad Madigan View Post
    perhaps the AFCCG isn't considered ANYWHERE?

    You should hate him, he owns u, PR does what he does in fun, Not only has he intimidated your QB, he has succeeded in intimidating you fans as well.

    You will hate him even more as time passes.

    See you next year.
    what world do you really live on?

    because this is the typical cute little nonsensical smack talk some fans choose to write, but sometimes, i think people really believe it like it's actually true.
    Orange Crush Fantasy League sign ups. All the cool kids are doing it.

    Rivers has probably now the fastest release in the NFL that Favre is retired. - riversOWNSdonks
    Rivers has the potential to be better than Brady or any QB ever - riversOWNSdonks


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      Playing through an injury takes guts, but when you're not even close to 100% and you playing with an injury actually hurts your team's chances to win, you should be on the sidelines.
      2 of the top 3 NFL QBs of all time have been Broncos


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        so Philip plays the game with a completely torn ACL.
        anyone that saw the game could see he did well even considering the INTs.
        he could of started a 6 month recovery process a week early or try to dely that for another month and try to win a super bowl.
        his teammates praised him, charger fans declared him the leader/face of the team, football experts and reporters across the nation sang his praises, and nfl players and fans said he has won team over forever.
        lets say the chargers would have beat the patriots we would be hearing all of this ten times over.

        i say he made the right choice
        no ifs, ands, or buts are going to change my opinion