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Top 10 qbs in nfl?

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    Originally posted by x_ts View Post
    Romo has AMAZING receivers. Garrard didn't have sh**. That's the difference.

    Any what is with these Brady fanboys? He was average at best for most of his career. He only had one good year and that was when he got the best receiver in football, arguably the best line the past season in football (I think the Brown's is better), and a great defense (which he's always had because of how well the Patriots do in the draft.

    You could argue that Manning had this too. Well didn't he produce? Does anyone remember 2004? It's not anyone's fault that Manning was benched during blow out games and Brady stayed on the field.
    And it's also no one's fault that those cheating Pats wouldn't stop throwing even after they were up by 30.
    Romo's recieving core is irrelevant with the fact that even though Gerrard does a great managing a very good offense built around the run, he's hardly a top 10 QB.

    I'm not even getting into you're ridiculous Brady opinion.

    Manning has had arguably the best set of recieving options his entire career, not to mention arguably the best dou of starting WR's, arguably the best reciecing TE, and a 1st round talent at RB his entire career, so there goes that argument.

    Still, no one mentions the fact that Manning has had the most Pro Bowlers on his side of the ball probably ever in the NFL.

    Ain't no hate on Manning, but downplaying Brady is just absurd. Especially the argument of, "he only put up those numbers because he had the best WR in football". Ahemmm, Peyton Manning anyone?

    LMFAO at the "1 good year" argument. That was a "career" year. He's had "good" years, and then some, almost every year of his entire career with the exception of his 1st year starting.
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      Originally posted by pipes View Post
      At least he plays in big games.

      Garrard has more playoff appearances than Romo.