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The Oakland Raiders: on the rise (imo)

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    Originally posted by muse View Post
    So, who's up for taking on another young coach who fell out with Al Davis?

    The personnel carousel in Oakland is ridiculous, it must be said. I'm just hoping that the mental asylum doesn't send the men in white coats for Davis any time soon because, well, it's nice to watch the Raiders stew in what has to be by now their own excrement. Metaphorically.

    It'll be interesting to see what Russell can do. Kiffin made the right choice by bringing him on far as I hear he may not be the sharpest pencil in the box but there's no doubting his physical ability. Hopefully facing Champ and Dre twice a year will hamper his abilities rather than nurture them.
    It will be a sad day when Al Davis is gone. He has been the best nemesis one could have and getting more pathetic by the moment. And Shanahans 16 out of of 20/wins or whatever has been a fun ride and not over yet. Let's hope the Kiffin saga continue to guarantee another 4-14 team.


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      I would hate to see McFadden in a raiders Jersey. If the raiders pick him up Shanny really needs to stick it to em,


      Our first pick should be offensive, unless we can land a good DT. WR is of a greater need, but I would not mind seeing Mendenhall in orange and blue one bit.


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        With an owner like al how could they even possibly be on the rise..The only thing rising there is the bloated ass salaries...

        GO BRONCOS IN 2008


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          They cant suck forever they were good a few years ago when they had Rice, Brown, and Gannon but other then that they have been getting some low draft picks. They will probably have a better record than the chiefs this year


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            Originally posted by cutler7624 View Post
            They cant suck forever they were good a few years ago when they had Rice, Brown, and Gannon but other then that they have been getting some low draft picks. They will probably have a better record than the chiefs this year
            Correction!: They were good a few years ago when they had head coach Jon Gruden! He convinced veterans like Jerry Rice, Rich Gannon and others to come to Oakland and he built the most feared offense in football.

            He was strong enough and successful enough that Al Davis had to keep his hands off day-to-day football decisions and let Gruden coach - more or less.

            But the situation was always sitting on a powder-keg! Gruden wanted to be free to do his job without Al's interference and Al chafed at letting anybody else run his beloved Raiders. He interfered constantly in small ways and big.

            Gruden finally got tired of it and forced his way out of there. All the Raiders were convinced that Al had finally won, because he even managed to get the Bucs to give him a #1 draft pick to sign Gruden.

            But, it all blew up in Al's face when the Bucs crushed the last-gasp Raiders in the Super-bowl. Bucs defenders said during that game that they knew every Raider play they ran before they ran it.

            Since then it's been one disaster after another. Al really isn't capable of running a franchise by himself, but he thinks "I did this in the 70's and nothing's really changed. I can do it now." So, he continues to run that team into the ground! They will never do anything while Al is alive.

            He picked Lane Kiffin because he was so young and inexperienced that he could never otherwise hope to get an NFL head coaching job (he's only 31) so could be told what to do by Al. But, even that arrangement is falling apart now and Davis and Kiffin are nearing the point of no-return.

            Good times!


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              Not happening

              As long as Al Davis is behind them it's not happening......he needs to hire someone to do his job it's obvious he doesn't realize where his major problem is! Instead of spending all his money on senior citizens he should be fixing up his offensive line!! Russell will be getting sacked all year long again until he takes care of that situation!!! Duuuuuuumervil SACK!!!!!!!!! They are still gonna suck next year!!!


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                They haven't won more than 5 games since the went to the Super Bowl 6 years ago. To be honest, they really have nowhere to go but up, although they have been slowly improving. However, overpaying mediocre players will do nothing more but put them in cap problems and bring them right back down.


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                  This defense will not be the same without Warren "Big Daddy" Sapp


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                    Originally posted by Bronkster View Post
                    For some strange reason, I have a feeling that the Raiders will not be as bad next year as they have been in years past. If they draft McFadden in the first round, there offense will look something like this:
                    QB: JaMarcus Russell
                    RB: Darren McFadden
                    WR: Javon Walker
                    Ronald Curry
                    OL: Robert Gallery, Cooper Carslile, Kwame Harris, Jake Grove, and someone else
                    TE: Zach Miller

                    And their defense, which was already pretty good, will look something like this:
                    DL:Tyler Brayton, Tommy Kelly, Gerard Warren, and Derrick Burgess
                    LB: Kirk Morrison, Thomas Howard, and someone else
                    CB: Nnamdi Asomugha, Fabian Washington
                    S: Michael Huff, Stewart Schweigart, Gibril Wilson

                    So, you see, they still have some improvement to make through the draft and free agency. They still are overpaying players who don't deserve it. However, they seem to be moving in the right direction. If they don't get McFadden, I will take this all back and say that they will suck again and that they are still the same old Faiders.
                    The Problem isn't their players. They have had a lot of talent on both sides of the ball for a long time (enough to win a lot more games).

                    It's the organization that is flawed and I like it that way.