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Vince Young, Jay Cutler, Tony Romo videos.. (which one is the best)?

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    Originally posted by x_ts View Post
    You piece of crap!! Don't be bashing on my boy Young! You want a fight? Let's go...:f

    I'll admit Jay is the best, but Young >>>>>>>>> Romo, and Young will turn out pretty good. Besides, have you seen the two Rose Bowls he was in??::
    News Flash: This is about the NFL. What he did in college doesn't mean much anymore. Young is worthless. He is not the reason why the Titans win games.

    So for living in the past and loving his college career.
    Too bad the NFL isn't like college and too bad he doesn't know how to throw normal besides his little sidearm throw.

    And do you wanna fight?
    I dont think you wanna fight me kid. Everyone knows how much of an E-thug I am and aint no one gonna be messin wit me.