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  • New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

    I was just wondering if the current accidents and deaths of workers that are in the process of helping build the new Dallas Cowboys stadium will have any impact on the Cowboys organization. I know this sounds a bit strange but is this new stadium cursed or what to have two accidents on this project in a week.

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    (first the Coloradin in me) It happening because they have a bunch of Texans trying to do the job!

    (The human in me) I would hope that there are no further accidents. I know if that had happened during the construction of our stadium I would feel a little wierd about it. The formens of the Texan stadium and osha need to get together and figure out what it is they are doing wrong!
    If those were Cowboy fans I am sure they are glad they passed away there. They will forever be tied to that stadium in its history.


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      SAFETY SAFETY SAFETY. my company preaches it. YOU have to be safe

      T.R.A.P Task Risk And Prevention.
      The fool who fancies he is full of wisdom
      While he sits by his hearth at home.
      Quickly finds when questioned by others .
      That he knows nothing at all.


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        I live here in Dallas, and it is sad. Something about crane accidents lately, all over the country. This one was actually on the ground when something broke, it wasn't in the air and collapsed like many others.

        I can't help but think about the Brewers stadium when they were constructing it, a HUGE crane collapsed and killed several people, literally right where home plate stands.


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          You don't hear about accidents in the present day like you did in the past, because safety has improved greatly over the years. I have watched documentaries on building places like the Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge ect., and people would be killed by the dozens back then because there was on OSHA, no Union safety teams, no EPA, none of that. But the bad thing is now, these Gov. entities have TOO much power and control and there is too much red tape and beaurocracy.