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    Look Krazy, I have stated several times that people cope differently and I know that probably 10 X more than the average person. Trust me, I have seen the worst of this world and have been in some pretty hairy situations.

    As for the ESPN article, there was no need to post the entire article. Roaslind made it clear she was disappointed and the fact is CRYSTAL CLEAR: JW lied to her about being busy. He could at least be man enough to say something along the lines he isn't ready or whatever.

    Truthfully, I think he wanted to be there. The problem was he opened his stupid mouth again regarding the Broncos and playing them week 1. After that, how could he, being a Raider, be around all the Broncos the very team he just shredded including Shanahan.

    You continue to state I hate JW. I don't. I am critical of him. There is a difference. Review my posts on the guy. I have plenty of support from other posters backing me up.

    The guy is in the spotlight as it is. Doing some of the stuff he has done puts him more in the spotlight. People are going to talk about it and some will be critical. There is nothing wrong with that. The problem is you ATTACKED me on it and continue to call it classless. Classless would be saying I wish he couldn't play from his injuries or that he gets capped or something.

    Finally, just for you, I will reiterate the facts:
    *Javon when healthy is a force on the football field. Problem is he has shown he cannot stay healthy.

    *The Broncos were a better team with him. However, he wanted no part of this team and again he could not stay healthy.

    *JW's act was classless when he wanted out of Denver and GB! Period. Look back at the promises the guy made when he came to Denver. It turned out to be nothing but talk.

    I will leave you with this. You asked me to no longer frequent the Javon posts. Why would I do that? This is a free country and I am going to state my opinion whether anybody likes it or not. Telling me what to do, think, act, or feel on the subject is downright dictatorship communism at its best. It is really simple, if you don't like what i have to say about JW address it head on or ignore it. Leave the attacks out if you don't want a retaliatory attack.

    As for knocking real estate, I could care less! Every media outlet around the country is doing it and they are completely WRONG! The market we are in is a GOOD one and my business couldn't be better.