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Favre Saga Over? Garcia Hurt?

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    Originally posted by I_Only_Like_Jay View Post
    That's what I'm saying. Use Griese, use one of the other QB's. Forget Farve. I hope he gets reinstated and no one wants him. Too much drama. This is football not Soaps.
    This is exactly what I'm saying!!! Favre was a football god when he retired...he retired as a legend. Now he just looks like a whiny crybaby throwing a fit because the Packers have tried to move on. I don't blame them one single bit for not wanting him back.

    I kinda blame his wife. She pushed him to try and un-retire. Now look what's happening.
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      Screw Brett! I am sick of him year after year and all this crap. Now, with the "deal" being mulled over he really is holding the Packer's hostage. As a player, he was great and I hope will always be remembered as a great player... but my respect for him as a person is rapidly dwindling.
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