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Funny Story about Tatum Bell / Thief (Merged)

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    Originally posted by serfrocker
    someone mentioned this on my fantasy league's homepage and i thought it was a joke...

    good thing we have you here to keep everyone in line. i'm amazed you didn't use the coffee...
    gotta keep you n00bs in your place


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      Bump this thread until Tatum's duffle-snatching video gets put on youtube!
      "Josh has handcuffed and buried this team for the next five years if not a decade. He has no game plan."-thinkin101

      "Welcome to your first losing season McD... you'll probably get a few right off the bat."-jrthefreak

      "I think the season will be a bloodbath. I'm on record and stand by my prediction of a 3-13 season..."-wolverine83


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        Originally posted by SBboundBRONCOS
        gotta keep you n00bs in your place

        Cyanide & Happiness @


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          hey another freaking bell thread is in gen bronc disc, go figure


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            Originally posted by omahaBroncoFan
            I would like to withdraw the remark I made earlier this week on a previous thread saying I hoped Tatum would do really well somewhere.
            Originally posted by anton...
            what a pansy...

            cant run between the tackles...

            cant pop a cap in a fool who lost him his job...

            tatum officially sucks...

            Originally posted by dgosseli
            I am sure many of you have already read the story, but can you believe Tatum Bell, what an Idiot! When we traded Bell I thought we should have kept him another season! All I can say is good move Shanahan! :clap: Well Done! :wave:

            Originally posted by Hardcore Bronco Babe
            I never would have pegged Tatum Bell to have sticky fingers. That is absolutely classless on his part plus that he didn't have the guts to return the bags with their contents himself.
            Originally posted by sage
            Does wearing another mans jockstrap make you a better RB? Only Bell knows
            Aaaaaaaaand welcome back!
            HEAR ME ROAR!
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