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Tim Brown Vs. Jerry Rice

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  • Tim Brown Vs. Jerry Rice

    I think if Tim Brown went to The Niners and Rice went to Oakland. Tim would be The best of WR of all time instead of Rice. Anyone else agree it was the team that made Rice the so called best and Brown would have done just as well if not better?

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    Rice was never considered the perfect WR, Im pretty sure his speed wasnt amazing or anything he just had a great work ethic and played hard, Brown may have got the records had he played for San Fran but then I guess you could say any receiver who was good could have put up those numbers..?

    I rate Rice as #1, Randy Moss isnt too far behind. imo of course.
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      Jerry is by far the number one receiver of all time. There is no one that even compares! The man played harder then any WR ever!

      Randy Moss could be alot better then Rice but Randy just doesnt seem to have the drive the Jerry had!

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