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Tony Gonzales on the trading block??? (Merged)

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    Trading Graham and a 3rd for an all around tight end.

    Anyone see the irony in it?


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      Originally posted by Ravage!!!
      Well.. you know that both he (tony) and larry are going to be asking to be traded this offseason. Tony (obviously)..a nd Larry because Herm is showing him that he is (for some ODD reason) no longer a part of this offense. I think Edwards has just flat out lost his mind. He's proving every week to just not make any sense with his decisions.

      I've never been a BIG LJ fan...but I know that he's a student of the history of the game. I know that Larry had always wanted a strong legacy in football, and always gives tribute to the 'great' RBs in the NFL history. He was stuck behind Holmes and couldn't get in the lineup (was drafted purely for the purpose of getting Holmes to sign)... then gets stuck with Edwards as his coach. I actually feel for the guy.
      Well, maybe not so fast for some. LJ is gonna be inactive this week because
      of skipping practices (or meetings) along with his court date from an altercation
      back in Feb. Maybe he is in the doghouse, but you usually dont put your best
      player in doghouse... But who knows what Herm thinks and or does.
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        Originally posted by beastlyskronk
        I heard that the deal has already been made to trade him to the Bills. Nothing official though but it makes sense.
        Bills offered a second and Tony nixed the deal. Something about a one horse town.
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