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Who saw the Ravens game?

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  • Who saw the Ravens game?

    More specifically who saw when they used the wildcat formation and Troy Smith dropped in a beauty to Flacco 30 yards downfield?

    Flacco has mad receiver skills. When do you think the Broncos use something like that. Jay can torch LB's and Safety's.
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    I haven't seen that play yet. Troy Smith to Joe Flacco huh? Weird. Joe Flacco to Troy Smith seems to make more sense, if anything.


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      I seems to remember a certain play a long long time ago where TD? threw a pass to John Elway in a Raiders game(my memory is a little fuzzy)? and Elway went for 13 or 14 yards got a first down.

      I've seen it twice in Denver, in the Elway days...just can't remember exactly when. both times it worked and it was a thing of beauty.


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        lol i didnt see it, any good?
        I may be 1 of 4 Bronco fans at my school, but i still love my team more then those dumb CHARGER FANS


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          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

          Here it is, its right around 36 seconds. Pretty ballin what he did against Oakland.
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            That pass AND catch was cool