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    Originally posted by Justblaze2729
    yeah but d hall doesnt seem like the type of guy that would take direction from anyone ...its not like he came to oakland and became a ****** hes been like that his whole career

    Randy Moss - Cris Carter.

    Brett Favre-Mike holmgren.

    Ceartin react diff in diff enviorments.
    -Bronco in UT

    While I both agree and disagree with many posts in this thread I have to lean towards champ on this one. Jay really needs to learn how to manage the game better, and also to learn that you don't have to go for the big play EVERY time on every drive. There is something to be said to check the ball down and live to fight another day. -Great Post Cut the Excuses out please. sigh...

    Helll of a post


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      Originally posted by TheJackal
      If we can get him for cheap sure. But Mr. Ego would probably want a good deal of money for his currently below average services.

      Although I think if we did sign Hall and he got some mentoring from Champ he could finally use all that God-given talent and play up to his full potential.
      I'm in agreement with you. I don't think he will fall to us because he will want more money than what he is worth, however considering his drop in stock value this year because of performance he may not get the money he wants.
      If by some chance we can get him for a reasonable price I would be all for picking him up. He would definitely benefit from Champs mentoring (if he will listen to it) and could be a much better CB and player overall, than he is now.


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        I think it'd be great to have Hall and Bailey on the same side and btw for everyone who's trippin' bout him not listenin' to Bailey...if you guys watched the pregame for Oakland he said he wants to be the best cornerback but he isn't Champ Bailey is...he said until he can be better than him he's not the he'd deff listen to champ and i think he'd be alot happier in a winning atmosphere...I just want dre out and a good young fast talent in! and he's a ballhawk...damn good CB in my opinion

        but if he won't sign for a reasonable price...let him walk, he ain't worth no Champ $$


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          Help out Bly

          Picking up Hall would definetly help our D, and everyone knows we need help in our secondary!!! Bly needs help on his side 4 sure...........


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            He shined in Atlanta's D. Don't think he'd get along with Shanahan's
            Those Indians could prove troublesome...General George Armstrong Custer