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Should Kurt Warner go to the HOF?

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    warner's only shot at the hall is going to be answered after this year...

    he needs to take this team to the superbowl and play well... he doesnt have to win just play well and continue to play well the next two years he wants to play...

    News: Leinart's teammate Kurt Warner's agent plans to open contract extension talks with the Cardinals this week, the Arizona Republic reports. [-]
    Impact: Warner will be a free agent at the end of the season and he is reportedly interested in playing through 2010. The Cardinals and Warner will both have big decisions to make. Warner is playing extremely well and looks like he is capable of playing two more years, but the team may not want Leinart (their 2006 first-round draft pick) to sit on the bench for that long. And in Warner's case, he has said that he would rather retire than sign elsewhere. That statement may be tested if the Cardinals elect not to re-sign him.

    also i think he'd be a lock for the hall if he stays with the cards and continues to bench leinart

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      I voted no based on the fact that the two ( 2 ) time MVP faced a very inexperienced Tom Brady and acted as if he had never been to the Super Bowl. That one reminded me of another QB who suspiciously lost, that being the easily bought Craig Morton. Warner has shown a great humility in being replaced two times by Mark Bulger in St. Louis and by Eli Manning in NY and stepping up to help the Cardinals like he has. Very talented but not talented enough for the Hall sorry.
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        Originally posted by cutler7624 View Post
        I remember when he was with the Rams and they played the Broncos and that offense was unstoppable. We picked him off at least 2 times and they still put up 40 some points on us. The guy was unstoppable when he was part of the "Greatest Show on Turf".

        What do you think? 2 Superbowl appearances (1 win), 2 time League MVP, Superbowl MVP, 2nd All-time in career QB Rating, 2nd All-time in completion percentage, are a few of his accomplishments.

        Is he deserving of the HOF?


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          he took a 4-12 team to the Super Bowl Championship as a back-up with the Rams...(came starter when Green was hurt before the first game). Then after winning a SB MVP, and two NFL MVPs... takes the AZ Cardinals (that was just 5-11 two seasons ago) to the Super Bowl as a back-up while putting up MVP type stats (back-up because he wasn't expected to be the starter in pre-season this year but won the starting job in pre-season).

          Yes... I think Kurt Warner should be a HoF'er.
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