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Chiefs vs. Rams game

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    Next the have not "game planned" one game at this time. Now if they do not do well at Invesco the next two games then we can worry a little bit.
    nobody has gameplanned.

    That is the entire point. The game that the Chiefs played away from home, they lost. The game they played at home they won.
    I believe i do recall people giving up points to the giants that wont be on the roster on opening day. In preseason football you really cant look at the entire game with so many people destined to be cut.


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      Originally posted by SlipperyPete

      And finally, let's not forget that while the Denver/Redskins game wasn't in Denver, it was not a home game for the Redskins either. It was on neutral turf and the crowd was mainly filled with Bronco fans because of John Elway. It was much closer to a home game for Denver than it was for Washington.
      Ironically, that game wasn't mentioned....only bills/hawks.
      guess it 'slipped' by ya.....
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