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Arizona Cardinals typical letdown thread

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  • Arizona Cardinals typical letdown thread

    Well after starting off the season on a such a good foot and hearing all the so called "experts" claim that the team and its long horrid past had finally took a turn.

    I took a look at there schedule and noticed something. First off the Cardinals have now lost 3 of their last 4. The Minnesota game has yet to end but I don't think the Cards are gonna pull that one out. Their only win coming against the Rams.

    The Cardinals have beaten just 2 teams with winning records this season...

    Miami in Week 2
    Dallas in Week 6 in other words they haven't beaten a team with a winning records since Oct. 12th.

    Sorry Cards, different year, different players, new stadium, cool jerseys, but when the wistle blows so does your team.

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    The RETARDinals

    I remember when the Vikings cleaned them off their cleats when they barely made the playoffs as a Wild Card. That was when they were in St. Louis, they have only made the playoffs one time in Arizona, prior to this year and lost. I bet Wisenhut is thankful he's in a horrible division winning by default. Can you imagine if the Broncos were in that division with their offense and weak and sometimes missing defense ? When you have a potent offense fueled by a veteran QB and that gets shut down with no defense backing it up you have the Cardinals this year. The Broncos have had the good fortune of teams collapsing on them, otherwise we would have way more losses. Cardinals have chance at winning their division at 8 - 8, which is sad. Although if we go 9 - 7 we do what Seattle did the only year they won the AFC West which is also sad.
    Denver's airport is DIA...Our defense is M. I. A.


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      I just remembered this post I made, boy do I look pretty foolish...:doh:


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        It's ok I think the let down happens tonight.

        I just don't see enough play makers on their defense to stop Pittsburgh.


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          How can u hate, the Cards nearly pulled off the impossible, from worst to first! hats off to them