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I wish San Diego well for rest of season because.....

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    Originally posted by cadet04wrs View Post
    I hate the Chargers and I hate Manning, but most of all I hate that smug face of Phillip Rivers. He's done nothing and acts like he is the king of the world. What a PUNK.
    yeah Rivers has done nothing...except be the sole reason the Chargers are even IN the playoffs.

    and if you are talking about THAT SPECIFIC GAME, it wasn't statistically one of his best, but he still led us on two drives when it counted and put us in position to win....haven't seen Cutler do this.


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      Charger, Raider, Cheifs can all SUCK IT idc that our division looks bad they are rivals period i hope they all go 0-16 all i care bout is my team winning the devision and moving onto the playoffs everyone else can go suck it....
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        I agree.. our message board rivals are calling for our heads and trying to come up with some sort of re-count, saying we don't deserve the the playoffs. They don't want Cardinals to lose.. they want Cardinals to lose by 40 points or more.

        There is no "Go NFC West champs.. we support you" coming from anywhere... except maybe some Rams/Warner fans.

        Originally posted by x_ts View Post
        dude this is the nfl. who gives a **** about competition. we want to win. and we hate it when our rivals win. its that simple.


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          Forget the Chargers. I want them to suffer. If they win a super bowl, that isn't going to help the Broncos or make anyone feel good that they came from our division. Instead it would be the longest off season ever. The Chargers fans would be even more arrogant than they already are.

          Screw the Chargers and the dog they rode in on.


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            If I had to choose between the Spanish Flu and the San Diego Chargers, I'd stock up on vitamin C and get to it.


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              Originally posted by Odomsfan View Post
              Come on guys, they are representing the AFC West. Everyone was saying that the AFC West was crumbling this past year. I mean sportswriters and bloggers. San Diego just stumbled for a short period of time. They have really put it back together IMO.
              To not wish them well says that you just hate them and are jealous that it isn't Denver that won today. To me it makes a greater statement about the overall talent in our Division to have San Diego move on in the playoffs. Competition is king. Their success will ultimately make Denver a better team for having played them.
              Do you like to play golf, tennis or any sport against someone who is better or worse than you are? This is an important question. See where I am going with this? You play to the level of your competition too often if you are of the mindset that SH** Happens.
              I hope the new coach and players don't share the views of alot of you SD haters, mad that they are moving on in the playoffs. Denver needs to adopt a new philosophy. The new idea is that will go out there each season and create their own breaks. That is all their is to it. Period, end of statement, gosh I hope some of you can grasp this idea. Don't back into playoffs, don't blow three game leads with three left to play. As much as I liked Shanahan, I have to say that I think he is to blame for Denver not being in San Diego's position. He was unable to motivate players to go above and beyond the call of duty. Denver could use a few more playmakers but the skill sets are basically all the same. It comes down to execution and guys playing like there is no tomorrow.
              i dont give a f u c k who they represent its just straight up blaspheme as a Bronco fan to root for the dolts