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    Originally posted by Chris Wade View Post
    Arizona pulls the upset of the century.
    I don't know. The Broncos we 14 point under dogs when they beat the Packers. I'm sure the Giants were pretty big under dogs last year. This year I think they Cards have a legit shot at this thing.


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      Originally posted by darth-hideous
      Champ losing a step, just means the rest of the NFL is now only two steps behind.
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        Originally posted by stargazer View Post
        I'm picking the Arizona Cardinals because I want them to win.

        AND Matt Leinart is going to get his SB ring before Cutler!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Marcus Nash has TWO rings. I bet he's proud of those.


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          The am going with the Cards in an upset. I think they have the talent on offense to beat them, as I think Pitts secondary (besides Troy P.) is there weak point, and I believe Warner and Fitzgerald/Boldin will exploit them. Warner does a great job at getting the ball out of his hands to beat the blitz, and that will help a lot.

          The key to this game will be Pitts offense, as this may be the only shoot out game they will play this season. Can they respond to a couple early scores by Arizona to get out of a hole? Or in another scenario, can they put the game away in the 2nd half when there D makes some big stops? Or are they going to let Arizona hang in the game and let Warner and Co. have a chance to win it on the last drive?

          Anyways, that is my take..


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            I think the Defense of Pitt will slow down Arizonia enought to get the win.
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              I think Pittsburgh wins. Their defense is on a roll, and they sure look tough.

              I'll be rooting for AZ though, just so I can throw AZ's superbowl victory in the face of charger fans.

              As in "Even the CARDINALS have won more superbowls than the sparklers!!!"


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                I already posted here but I'm going to reiterate who's going to win...


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                  Good Luck to the Cardinals. I sure hope they pull it off. Good for them making it to the big dance.

                  How come the poll is closed already?
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