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    yeah chalk up yet another one for BIG BEN...

    the guy just flat out gets the job done when he is needed... im not even talking about the game winning drive... right before that he was stuck in his endzone and needed to get a 1st down or have his punter try and get one outta the endzone... ben cam ethru on the 3rd and ten but had it taken away from him due to a holding penalty resulting in a safety... with his back against the wall he stands tall in the pocket and completes the pass...

    my buddie (steelers fan) drove out to pittsburg to be with his family and texted me...

    big ben = elway..

    i have to agree that ben is quickly coming into his own and this comparison is holding true... the only thing that will hold ben from playing in as many superbowls as our beloved elway is ben's concussions... unfortunately he probably wont get the chance to play as long as elway but it will be fun watching him play while he still can...

    great job big ben and co...

    sig by B4B6..


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      Originally posted by Starbroncs View Post
      Ward has very similar stats than Marshall (very close in yds and td). He has a lot less catches but much higher average and his qb isnt throwing the ball 50 times a game. Holmes has proven much more than royal. He has been making big plays for the steelers for a while (especially recently) and was just the mvp of the superbowl. Washington had arguably a better year than stokley but they are nearly identical.

      Also I would MUCH rather have Heath Miller than Tony. He constantly makes plays and hes 10x better at blocking than tony is, he also doesnt get injured every other play (im sorry I like tony and hes a big part of this offense but hes not nearly as good/reliable as Heath). Im not sure which team has the better receivers, but most fans of other teams would say its very close. Statistcally this year they are nearly identical, and they have far more experience/much better blocking. This isnt a rant on our recievers, I think they are great and I get excited every game thinking what all those weapons can do, I just dont think its right seeing people bash the steelers recievers.
      Denver has much better receiving options than Pittsburgh IMHO, and it isn't even close. That isn't a knock to Pittsburgh at all. They have good options. But you'd be hard pressed to find any NFL team that has considerably better options than Denver in both quality, and quantity.

      Comparing Marshall and Ward right now, you can throw stats out the window. Nobody is going to choose Ward past his prime over Marshall entering his prime. That's about as much of a non argument in a WR discussion as you're going to get.

      Royal is decorated as a top young WR talent in the NFL, and although he probably isn't as good as Holmes is, he's certainly a hell of a lot more closer to Holmes than Ward is to Marshall.

      Stokley vs Washington is almost a non argument. Stokley is one of the best slot WR's in the game, still, and Washington is a Freddie Pinkston upgrade.

      Pittsburgh can't touch Denver in the TE argument. Heath Miller is a goal line TE, and isn't anywhere near the receiving threat Scheffler is. I would even put Graham up there with Miller. He's a very good receiving TE who doesn't get a lot of looks because of the plethora of other options Denver has.