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Kurt Warner a HOFer? Y/N

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  • Kurt Warner a HOFer? Y/N

    Kurt Warner now takes two different teams to the Super Bowl. Funny thing... He takes the St. Rams to the SB, then... turns around and takes another former St. Louis team (Cardinals) to the SB.

    Anyway... can we say that about another QB? Did anyone else accomplish this feat?

    Kurt Warner has two rings...
    Played in 3 Super Bowls...
    An MVP...
    3-time Pro Bowler & 2-time first-team All-Pro...

    Ran one of the greatest offenses ever (Greatest-show-on-turf)...
    Went from like grocery clerk, to NFL Europe to All Pro...

    28,591 passing yards
    182 passing TDs
    65.4 completion pct

    Something like 50-37 in his career...

    However, he has been very inconsistent... According to

    "Warner was originally brought in to the Rams organization to be a backup to Trent Green. During the preseason in 1999, Green was lost for a season due to a knee injury.

    This opened the door for Warner.

    Now, if Warner was able to consistently put up numbers like he did from 1999 to 2001, where he led the Rams to a Superbowl ring and an overall 35-8 record while he threw for a total of 12,612 yards and 98 touchdowns, it might be a different discussion.

    Instead, from 2001-2007, Warner played miserably. In those seven season, he amassed an underwhelming record of 13 wins and 29 losses. He threw for 11,357 yards, 54 touchdowns, and didn't make it to the post season."

    SO... while his good years were very good... He has had some clunkers, where he posted average seasons. STILL... you cannot say he didn't win enough... or win consistently enough to make him a HOFer, while ignoring the fact that he has won.

    SO... would 10 consistent seasons.... of 9-10+ win seasons... Going to playoffs every year... Winning 1 SB... Is this better than what Warner has done?

    Fact remains: When Kurt gets into the post season... He wins. He's like the Curt Schilling of football.

    AND... you cannot ignore the teams he brought to the promise land.

    Not like Rams & Cardinals have winning histories. He took 2 sorry franchises and turned them into winners.

    I think if he wins this SB... he's a LOCK. I still think he is one, regardless...

    What do you think?

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    Yes end of discussion. he deserves it and will be there


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        Yes, he is. If players like Favre are expected to be HoFers, then Warner belongs there.


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          this guy is definitely in if you ask me... maybe not first ballot, imho.

          i think i heard somewhere he is one of only two guys to take two different teams to the big one. don't know who the other guy is...

          but dude is good.
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            At this point in his

            If the Cards win in a couple weeks against one of the best defenses in NFL history, he takes another step closer.

            He needs to have a good showing in the Super Bowl and have 2-4 more good years. He needs to stay productive and put up some more big numbers.

            He's played in this league 11 years. 5 of those years he has been very good to outstanding. The other six he was at best a backup and at worst....terrible.

            The inconsistancy is the problem. The truly great players don't have this problem.


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              yes for me period
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                Yes he deserves to be there.


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                  His stats are near identical to Troy Aikman excep Aikman has 1 more super bowl and 6 more pro bowls. but pro bowls dont mean much. if Aikman is there Warner should be as well.


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                    Originally posted by Atwnbroncfan View Post
                    His stats are near identical to Troy Aikman excep Aikman has 1 more super bowl and 6 more pro bowls. but pro bowls dont mean much. if Aikman is there Warner should be as well.
                    Aikman was far more consistant.


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                      I would say to offest the miserable 02 to 06 portion of his career he needs to A. Win this SB, B.Play 3 to 5 more years of 3000 yds passing and 18+ TDs, and C. Get close to 40,000 yds and close to 250 TDs before he hamgs em up. That would give him legit HOF stats to go along with his HOF Post Season success.


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                        Nope. Too inconsistant.

                        5 good seasons does not make a HOFer.

                        If Warner gets in then TD should be in. Thats my Denver spin on it:salute!:


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                          No. HOF'ers typically are at the top of their game for the duration ala Lord Elway. Warner has wallowed in mediocrity for too many years IMHO.


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                            End of discussion. He deserves it.
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                              I don't think so. He has been a part of two amazing offenses and hasn't been able to consistently keep his level of play up to a HOF level. Maybe if he wins the Super Bowl with the Cardinals and has another very solid year or two, then yes.