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Kurt Warner a HOFer? Y/N

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    Originally posted by Ravage!!! View Post
    I don't know what games you are watching.. but you are nuts.

    Choked? The game he was was a 'fluke'??? Reallly?? You HAVE to be joking me.. .. seriously.. this is a joke, right? A fluke?

    He threw for 3 TDs, 360 yrds against the best defense in the NFL.. during th Super Bowl.. and you say that his play is . what did you say...Over rated..... RIiiiiiiiiight

    He just took the worst team in NFL history to the Super Bowl.. and he's over rated. He just won a Super Bowl with a team that was 4-12 the year before... over rated. He took the team BACK to the Super Bowl, went against the best Defensive Mind in NFL history.... and he's somehow... over rated. Riiiiiiiiiiight
    best defense in the league??? um no I think not. The Titans were #10 in rushing defense, #17 Overall, and # 25 against the pass.

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    know what it is you are talking about before you make such retarded statements, without actually doing the research please.

    he "barely" beat (by 1 yard!!!) a team that had a pretty suspect defense in the Super Bowl, and was absolutely horrid against the pass. I could have thrown for that many yards against the Titans pass defense that year, hell Todd Blackledge could have picked them apart. Ryan Leaf would have shredded them.

    and if he's so great then why is it in all 3 of his Super Bowls, his teams have never scored more than 24 points?

    1999 Rams - 24 points.
    2001 Rams - 17 points
    2008 Cards - 23 points.

    sorry I think Warner is a little on the lucky side, as opposed to the talented side. if it weren't for Fitzgerald and Boldin, the little run they had wouldn't have even happened.
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