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Best WR duos of all-time?

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    I agree with Lynn / Stallworth.....Bradshaw was not the best passer of all time......and these guys were amazing.

    San Fran must have had the best scouts back in the day, because they had Rice and Taylor together, and TO showed up while Rice was still there. That's scary scouting!


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      Originally posted by KWHIT97 View Post
      This is the most retarded thing I've ever read, shame on S.I. for putting this duo at #1. I feel they belong on the list, but I'm thinking at 6 or 7, and only because they are both in the H.O.F.. They are only both in the H.O.F. because they are Steelers, they both don't deserve it.
      It is a shame that both of these clowns are in the Hall and Rod Smith (who had far better career numbers and 2 rings) will have to fight tooth and nail to get in!
      You know how list go..I cant discount Swann,Stallworth I can understand why they are at the top..Me I would go with Rice/Taylor because of the era I started watching football in and the massive respect I have for Bill Walsh and the 49ers...
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        They weren't the best all-time, but...

        Rod Smith and Eddy Mac were probably one of the most dominant pair that went unnoticed.

        Denver wide receivers Ed McCaffrey and Smith finished the regular season with 101 and 100 receptions, respectively, becoming only the second NFL tandem to reach that level. Detroit’s Herman Moore and Brett Perriman accomplished the feat in 1995.


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          Marshall and royal will be in this discussion in five years maximum. :go:


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            Originally posted by mooncamping View Post
            Hines Ward/whoever?
            that would be Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes.