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Why is it EVERY game people THINK the refs favored one team?

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    Most games they do.

    Example for the Super Bowl was when the Arizone defense briefly grabs the face mask of Holes (I think it was) and gets called for a penalty at the same time the Pit WR was stiff arming the Arizona defense in the face. I am see a no call there but calling it on the defense was pretty rediculous.

    Also the entire game Pitt OL was doing the "choke hold" move on Arizona DL. They did not once get called for holding on that move but the one time I saw a Arizona OL do the "choke hold" move he was called for holding.

    I do not think the refs do it on purpose but I think they could really improve the way they call the game fairly because when two good teams matchup penalties are key in controlling tempo.

    If they are going to call something they need to call it both ways.
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