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Anyone here from or a fan of Philly?

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  • Anyone here from or a fan of Philly?

    They let Buck and Dawkins come here, Lito to the Jets, LJ Smith is basically a Falcon or soon to be, Sean Considine to the Jags, I mean...they basically got that ass whooped in the first two days of free agency...any insight as to what they are trying to do here? Are they just epic failing or do they have a plan to rebuild thru the draft, anyone?

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    phili has a ton of cap space, about 48 mil and they also have about 10 draft pics in the upcoming draft.. they have the 21st and 28th 1st round selection as well... look at phili making some trades when this is all said and done...

    one has to wonder thou why they didnt franchise any of these free agents.. they opted not to have a franchise tag on any free agent players...

    Buckhalter 30... was never really givin a starting spot with the Eagles rotation.. althought he filled in tremendously with the Eagles when Westbrook got injured he was never really an option with the Eagles... the guy is a good and will fit well within the Broncos.. the Eagles are now hurting tremendously at the running back spot... with an almost always injured Westbrook they need to Draft or pickup someoen via free agency...

    Dawkins 35.. this is an age issue with the Eagles.. they rarely resign older players.. look at Reggie White.. they missed the boat on this one and jsut tried to test the free agent waters out and lost that bet... the Eagles thought other teams wouldnt want BDawk but he has found a home in Denver... with B Dawk now being gone they are in a need of some leadership on the D side of the ball.. this guy is legendary in Phili and the fans arent gonna let this one just die... they are pissed the Eagles let him go, but the 5 year deal the Broncos signed him too is a huge reason they just might...

    Sheppard 27... by the end of the season Sheppard was ranked 5th on the eagles depth chart... they mishandled him thru the years and now they finally traded him away to a team that will possibly bring him back to more ProBowl days.. the starters the Eagles cont on with are Asante Samuel and Sheldon Brown who originally beat him out Sheppard in the starting rotation... they also received 2 draft picks from the Jets (2009 fifth-round pick and a 2010 conditional draft pick)...

    he also added $3 mil to the Eagles salery cap

    LJ Smith 28.. Phili lost hope for LJ... his time to leave has come and they already have his replacement in Brent Celek.. the Phili faithful has lost hope for Smith and dont really care if he is gone.. they will be looking for depth in draft for a TE...

    Sean Considine 27... lost his starting job to Quinton Mikell in 2007 and recorded just 30 tackles last season.. so this wasnt a huge loss but it does hit the depth chart for the Eagles...

    you missed

    tra thomas.. the left offensive tackle who is entering his 12th season and not looking like he will remain an Eagle.. the Egles arent looking to keep him and have already reported he will be traded...

    John Runyan the right offensive tackle is going to be gone..

    the Eagles just signed right tackle Stacey Andrews.. this could mean that either tra or john could be gone.. probably both will be gone...

    if this happens McNabb wont be happy as well and it just might be the end of the era in Phili...

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      I realized I missed a few, but I was going off all the ones I could remember without looking it up somewhere, I know in June when a lot of players are released, they will pick people up. It just seems like a Firesale in Philly at the moment


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        Hell no . I won't even eat cheesesteak.
        Those Indians could prove troublesome...General George Armstrong Custer


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          cheesesteak = Alpo

          I don't know what their plan is, but it sure is fun listening to all the wailing and gnashing of teeth in the local media

          The fans are really pissed, and I would be too if I was one. As bad as it is for them losing all of these players, the two people they want gone the most are staying, apparently (McNabb & Andy Reid)