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1 Missing Boater Found!!!

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  • 1 Missing Boater Found!!!

    In the end, it might be a very good thing that the Coast Guard opted not to call off the search for the four men (and two NFL players) who went missing at sea in a 21-foot fishing boat.

    According to Bay News 9, the Coast Guard has found an overturned boat with a person clinging to it.

    Assuming that it was the same boat that was carrying Raiders linebacker Marquis Cooper, Lions defensive end Corey Smith, Nick Schuyler, and William Bleakely, it is a sliver of good news amid a tragedy, because it means that three of the men have been lost.

    Stay tuned for more.

    UPDATE: The person who has been found reportedly is Nick Schuyler.


    Updating prior reports, the St. Petersburg Times reports that Nick Schuyler is “alive and talking” after being rescued while clinging to the overturned hull of what apparently is Marquis Cooper’s boat.

    Schuyler is being taken to Tampa General Hospital.

    There’s no word on the status of the other three men that were on the boat — Cooper, Corey Smith, and William Bleakley. We are praying for good news, but the facts suggest at this point it would be an even bigger miracle than the discovery of Schuyler.

    via PFT

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    Hope! Keep the fingers crossed!