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  • How how I know ...

    T.O did not want to be a Bill and doesn't want to be there or be a Bill at all. Go to ESPN and watch that short video of his conference .. And the deal got done so quickly you know they wanted to save face and IF any other team were interested they would have visited ... HAH ... I congratulate the bills cause it was only a one year deal with a guy that could be explosive ... and he normally gets to his *****ing stage in year 2 or 3 so 1 year should be alright ... still watching this made me laugh and realize he had nowhere to go .. he doesnt even crack a smile once ...

    just go to ESPN and watch the video ... I am glad the broncos weren't even a possibility for this guy ...

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    this deal will certainly blow up unless the bills get a better QB but TO will be the scapegoat again


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      He was smiling all the way through the clip of the conference I saw on but you can tell he didn't get the offers he was expecting (if any) after he was asked how he decided to pick the Bills. Pretty obvious he didn't have much choice... I think the quote was something like, "this (Buffalo) may not be the most ideal place for a lot of people". Niiice.
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        good for them..or him..whatever


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          Is good for TO to be with the Bills
          He'll love the New York media. He'll be in heaven with all the attention he'll be drawing

          As far as Denver having signed him?
          No way. You can't fix stupid!
          I've started with almost nothing and still got most of it