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Cutler throwing out 1st pitch...

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    Originally posted by floridabroncos
    Hey, he could turn out like that lady on Britain's Got Talent, who everyone thought would suck and turned out to be an awesome singer.
    Seriously it would be hilarious if he ends up singing like a tenor lolol.


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      Originally posted by Shadow7ax
      Seriously it would be hilarious if he ends up singing like a tenor lolol.
      Well she was a Soprano, so maybe he'll have a voice fit for an opera singer lol.
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        Originally posted by theflammer
        Thanks for the Thread and for everyone who didn't want him...Don't Read

        Cutler is the next coming of John Elway in the Windy City

        Cutler will be the Starter for the NFC Pro Bowl....
        LOL, word. I originally put this in the general discussion and now it is moved becaused it is not bronco football. Where is all the plummer threads then lol.


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          Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

          I think Gordon was worse. The booed him!!

          Originally posted by Chitown
          Everyone sings at the Cubs games. He can't do any worse than Hester.


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            Not to be negative, but it seems to me that Cutler has already done more of these kind of things in 2 weeks in Chicago than he did for 3 years in Denver. I don't know if he was ever excited to be here, it's a shame really. He may have taken some of the most passionate sports fans in the entire country for granted. Chicago is a great sports town also, I am not trying to insinuate anything different, but I think Jay missed many opportunities in Denver to endear himself with the fans and he seems to be jumping at those in Chicago. Just my :2cents: