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Happy early B-day Jay Cutler! 4/29

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    uh he is a bear now go there!!!!

    Last I checked he is a chicago bear now, so wrong website my friend.
    Always in support of my team. No matter what!:go:


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      Originally posted by joshunderwood View Post
      But yes, it is ironic how you call people out for something and have now done the same thing twice by bumping the thread.
      You guys need to look up some of these words in the dictionary. Like ironic.

      For one, it isn't using the word properly. Secondly, the way you want to use it doesn't even make sense. I am not complaining about the thread being here, so why would it matter if I bump it? You guys are complaining about it being here as you bump it, draw more attention to it, and expand it. That makes no sense at all. If you don't like a thread, don't respond to it. If it is in the wrong area or out of line, we have mods to take care of it.

      So anyways, happy early birthday Jay!