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How far will Hester's athleticism take him?

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    Server Went Down?

    In case you missed this Flat, I think we were cut off yesterday.

    He missed too much time early on due to being on IR. It's too early, there just aren't enough reps given until Bourbonale(intentional misspell). I have real concerns about Cutler, he still needs development and our QB coach has a very poor resume.

    The beer and brats were at a BBQ, the photos are here at the bottom of page 3:

    Originally Posted by Flatlander Fan View Post
    Not sure I'd want to see those pics.

    On the topic of Bennett - what I've heard is that he had trouble learning the playbook last year and that's why he wasn't used. Any signs that he's showing development yet or is it too early?

    Each year I try to go to Bears TC, but am too busy. I hope to make it there this year since it's only about 90 minutes away.


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      Originally posted by Flatlander Fan View Post
      No question he's fast, McK. Also, no question about Cut's arm strength. What is questionable is can he get open and actually make the catch when it comes his way?
      Hester's progressing just fine. Over the last six weeks of the season Hester led the Bears in receptions, despite working with a gimpy Orton. He was thrown to 91 times last year and only had 5 drops of catchable balls. He was also getting open the coaches count Hester had 12 deep balls either underthrown or overthrown.

      The only other player this athletic that I can think of who moved from CB/KR to WR as a pro is Roy Green of the Cards, who went on to have a very long productive career.


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        Originally posted by Sunbiz1 View Post
        I just noticed the bars, I was posting more for a while with the influx of Bear fans here. Now that the BlackHawks are done(I hate Detoilet!), attention will focus on the Bears and the Cubs recent antics. Earl Bennett has been overlooked as well, he was injured early last year and then underutilized. Nonetheless, the position is still of concern. Here's my scenario for 2009:

        The Bears go 10-6, sneak into the playoffs and get sent home with a one and done. Cutler will struggle due to poor coaching and finally snap after the first playoff loss. Fans will blame Lovie Smith and Ron Turner. They can't blame our GM in 09' b/c Jerry Angelo gave the media and the fans what they wanted in the off-season via the Cutler trade.

        Memorial Day was awesome, I should have posted more pics from the service. I drank too much beer and ate too many brats afterwards.
        I don't think Bennett grasped the playbook. Hester's not dumb.