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Cutler Fires Business Manager via text

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  • Cutler Fires Business Manager via text

    Apologies if already posted. Saw this on Pro Football Talk. Mods can move it if it should be in another forum:

    Rest Of The Story On Cutler's Off-Field Focus
    Posted by Mike Florio on July 5, 2009 12:18 PM
    In response to an item posted earlier today by Aaron Wilson regarding the Bears' new starting quarterback, a league source has given us the rest of the story that resulted in Jay Cutler hiring entertainment lawyer Jeff Jacobs, apparently to eventually manage Cutler's off-field opportunities.

    Per the source, Jacobs replaces Marty Garafalo, who previously served as Cutler's "business manager."

    The source explains that Garafalo was heavily involved in Cutler's affairs, including the creation of his foundation -- and its transfer to Cutler's new home of Chicago.

    In fact, we're told that Garafalo traveled to Chicago to help Cutler with various matters relating to the move from Denver. And then, once Garafalo returned to Denver, he was fired.

    By text message.

    (At least it proves that Cutler knows how to send text messages. When he wants to.)

    And so the manner in which Cutler parted ways with Garafalo is prompting some league insiders to wonder whether Cutler truly has matured since being shipped to the Bears.
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    Wow Cutler is really getting beat down in the comments under that short story
    The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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      Ever since he's been traded he's become more and more arrogant.
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        wow, who gives a crap??? Screw Cutler
        Don't Panic!


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          Text message firing, dumping, etc. goes to show how childish someone can be. Have the sack to fire him in person. I don't mean to attack Cutler, but if this is true, it's pretty low. No one should be fired via text message.

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            Old news. Hail Orton.


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              Not unlike having your dad turn the playbook in
              The beatings will continue until morale improves....


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                What an arrogant jerk. Go Orton.:orton:


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                  whos cares...its all about :orton:



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                    What a major ******-bag.


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                      Thank gawd the Bear's qb ended up in Bronco GD. I'm happy now.
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                        Being a Bronco fan has never been more embarrassing as it is now being associated with you guys. You're worse than Raider fans. I can't blame Cutler and Marshall for wanting out. I can't blame the next big stars who want to leave after that. Between McD and the crap you guys spew Denver is a terrible place to work.


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                          Isn't that how the new coach tried to get a hold of Cutler , I remember him saying I have texted Jay several times. What ever happened to phone calls?


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                            ummm shouldn't this be in the Other NFL Teams section?


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                              nea makes a good point. Its OK for mcd to do it ...but not Cutler. does the hypocrosy on this site know no bounds?