Oakland Raiders assistant coach Randy Hanson apparently suffered a broken (not just fractured) jaw earlier this month when head coach Tom Cable took him by surprise and punched him in the kisser. But it wasn't the injury that kept Hanson from talking to police and NFL investigators. It was some sort of "What happens inside, stays inside" sort of tough-guy thing. And the hope that he could get his job back. That little code seems to have started to erode for Hanson. Perhaps he's gone off his painkillers or something.

Word is that Hanson is ready to tell Napa, Calif., police and NFL investigators just what went down on that fateful day and turn over his medical records, according to National Football Post. What is believed to have led Hanson to this is the news that he apparently can't return to his old position, even though he was supposedly once a favorite of team owner Al Davis.

Cable supposedly told Hanson repeatedly that he was going to kill him while actually choking him during the incident.
He shouldn't get off just because he is a coach! Goddell needs to lower the law on him or there will be an uprising. I wonder how the Raiders handle this?