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    Originally posted by Snk16 View Post
    Oh...I don't know, being a Broncos fan I get satisfaction in anything that makes the organization look good, and if they look like winners in this trade, even for just a week, it'd make me happy.
    yeah, i really understand the attempt for a move towards objectiveness, but live a little! cutler demands to be traded so we grant his wish and the media has been on our backs for the past 4 months. naturally, the worst cutler does the better mcdaniels and us look!

    and if you want to look at it practically, then techically we want them to do bad anyways for the draft pick

    but still, can you see it yet? imagine if orton outperforms cutler in the win column AND statistically, what does that mean? well pretty much we traded for a better QB and got two free first rounders in the process. it would be amazing
    disclaimer: if the above post appears to contain outrageously illogical content, ITS PROBABLY SARCASM