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Chargers fans doubting Rivers?

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    If the Chargers continue to slide this year, which I'm not convinced they will due to their tendency to come on strong in the last half of the last few seasons and the fact that they have alot of talent, and they fire Turner. Wouldn't be it something if Good 'Ole Mike Shannahan showed up to fill that spot. Yeah, he and Bowlen are friends unlike he and Weird Al, but still business is business and if he gets a chance to rub mud in Bowlen's eye, he may go for it.


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      Just had to register and post on this thread.

      Don't know why still to this day other fans think Philip Rivers is some "a$$" or "crybaby"... I guess one it comes from that sunday night game where he was seen mouthing off to Cutler who was the one holding his crouch and cussing at Rivers.

      Even if I wasn't a Chargers fan, would still respect Rivers, he's not some Pacman Jones or some clown like that... as for his talk on the field... so what? When Tom Brady and Rey Lewis do it, nobody seems to care... but when Rivers does it for some reason a grown man talking smack to other grown men in a grown mens sport is something to be grilled over.

      Either way, at least he's getting the respect he deserves by other fans, glad to hear even Broncos fans appreciating his play.

      And oh yeah, that's probably 1% of the Charger fans who think Rivers is somehow part of the problem... they don't speak for everyone.
      Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.


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        Originally posted by trooper1973
        yeah i dislike rivers too and think hes a good QB.those announcers last night said Rivers is as good as Peyton and Favre.LMAO.i smell man crush.but i have to put Tom Brady in the top 3 QB list.Orton is coming around though
        I take it you haven't been watching football the last 2 seasons? Where you there last year when Rivers was statistically the best QB in every category other than yardage? (Brees) Do you know that he had more Touchdowns, Less Interceptions on less throws than Favre and Manning?

        Ranking players determines on your current play, nobody is counting how many Super Bowls you won or what you did such and such year... it's about how your playing right now.

        The best QB's right now are based on how well they're playing and leading there teams to wins:

        1. Brees
        2. P. Manning
        3. Orton
        4. Favre
        5. Roethlisburger
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        Rivers is deciding to play bad, just to see how it feels.


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          Originally posted by 13roncotime
          Some Chargers fans are starting to doubt Rivers. (I was at Qualcomm), & from what was posted in another thread, I guess someone on the Chargers board suggested to bench Rivers. Which would be the stupidest move they could make. Though, I'm sure us rivals wouldn't complain

          I can't stand Rivers, & his big mouth, but IMO the guy is good, & one of their best players, if not the best ,(don't kill me).

          I actually thought he played well against the Broncos tonight.
          From watching that game, that Chargers o-line sucks, as does the D.
          Scratch that, the Broncos are just better.
          You can't be more right friend. Benching Rivers would not be smart. He isn't the problem in San Diego. But by the sounds of it I guess they are missing Brees by now. They let him go and now he is tearing up the league. I understand some of the frustration thats going on there although I'm glad I'm not enduring it. They'll be dangerous once he gets a good line.


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            lmao Chargers fans