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Where Will Shanahan coach next?

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  • Where Will Shanahan coach next?

    Assuming that 2010-11 is Mike Shanahan's next season coaching, where will he land?
    Buffalo Bills
    Carolina Panthers
    Cleveland Browns
    Dallas Cowboys
    Jacksonville Jaguars
    San Diego Chargers
    St. Louis Rams
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Tennessee Titans
    Washington Redskins

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    Dallas...little doubt in my mind on that one.
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      Probably Dallas. That's been the speculation for a while now. We'll see if Wade gets fired. If Dallas misses the playoffs I'm sure he will, and even if they get in and lose in the first round he'll most likely get the boot. Who knows? For all we know Shanny might not want to work for Jerry Jones.


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        Shanahan will sit down with Jerry and say... this is going to be my team if you want me to coach... and Jerry will swallow pride at least for a bit and agree.

        Although Jacksonville would be a decent fit, perhaps... but I doubt they can afford him.


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          Shouldn't this be in OTHER NFL teams?
          Where is this season going?


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            Originally posted by Mel B.
            I think if he decides to coach next year the Washington and/or Dallas job will be waiting for him and would be his best two options!

            I think the Skins have to at least make the playoffs for Zorn to keep his job if he doesn't get fired before then and I think (because of their playoff win drought) Phillips needs to probably go as deep as the NFC championship to keep his job if he's not fired by then!

            With that being said I think Bill Parcells put together a Super Bowl contending team until Jerry ran him out. All they need is a coach to get them over the hump and Shanny can do he's always been a Romo fan!

            With the Skins I think Snyder has bought them everybody else's best players since he's owned the team so they have the players/talent they also just need a coach that can get them over!

            In Dallas, Shanny will have to deal with Jerry's big ego and meddlesome ways (which will eventually run Shanny away like it did with Jimmy Johnson & Bill Parcells) but other than that he should have an easy time in Dallas.

            In D.C., even though they have the players Shanny will still have his work cut out for him and will really have to coach up these years worth of under-achieving, over-paid players!!!

            From my previous post!


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              In my opinion I think that Cleveland, St. Louis and Tampa will not pursue Mike just because they hired new coaches last year. Now the Bills have to throw thier name in the hat even if they can't afford to pay him he has owned the Pats and Bellicek for years. I know they don't have a lot of talent offensively but after a couple drafts they could be a legit contender. but I seriously think that he will end up in the NFC most likely Dallas. I don't think he will get along with Snyder of Washington. anyway just my opinion.
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                Something is telling me all the owners are gonna look past "experience" and go for the young gun coaches. Seems to quickly be becoming the fad~ Either way, It would be great to see Shanny coaching again


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                  Originally posted by porkadachop View Post
                  Assuming that 2010-11 is Mike Shanahan's next season coaching, where will he land?
                  I think you could bet your HOUSE that Shanny will be a head coach next season.

                  It is in his blood. He MUST coach or he withers and dies like vampire in the sunlight.

                  I think Dallas...
                  however... it would not surprise me if he ended up in San Diego.
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                    Dallas! At least there would be no hesitation by myself to fire Wade. Whether they hire Shanny is another question. I hope they fire that bafoon! Not that I like Dallas, but that I can't stand Wade. Ever since 98 when Flutie had that magical season to get the Bills into the playoffs, and then he started the "Golden Boy" Rob Johnson, and they lost. I would never have hired him as a head coach again! Don't get me wrong, I was always a fan, but Flutie played so long in the CFL that I rooted for him. :salute!:
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                      the bears fail to reach the playoffs lovie smith gets fired and in comes shanny.
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                        Originally posted by jc13 View Post
                        the bears fail to reach the playoffs lovie smith gets fired and in comes shanny.
                        agreed. Chicago has their QB now they are going to want an offensive coach.

                        I think Gruden will coach in Dallas. The other night on MNF Gruden was really sucking up to the Dallas players and he will have no problems not having total control.

                        Jerry Jones wants to win but he will never give Shanny total control, same reason he will not be in SD...unless the GM is fired along with Norv which may happen if SD does not make a come back.

                        Wouldn't it suck to be Wade Phillips and get replaced by Shanny twice?
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                          I voted the Redskins but I could see Shanahan going to Jacksonville or Tampa Bay(if the Bucs give up on Morris). Any team that hires Shanahan could sign him to a cheap 2 year contract because Bowlen has to pick up the difference between his current contract and the new contract.

                          You have to figure Del Rio is skating on thin ice. At best he gets to finish out his contract, but it wouldn't be a surprise if he were fired after this season, assuming this year isn't his last anyway.

                          Tampa Bay has to be thinking that they might have made a mistake in firing Gruden. Their focus should have been getting better talent on the team. At worst they should have taken some of Gruden's personnel responsibilities away, assuming he had any to begin with.
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                            I say Dallas and he reunites with Kub's as his OC. Shanny would be a good fit for a QB like Romo. But the only issue no matter where he goes is who he gets as a DC. That's gonna be the million dollar question. I'm sure no FO is going to want him to have any control over that side of the ball just for fear that he might try to bring Slowik with him. Maybe he'll mend fences with Greg Robinson and rebuild that coaching team from the SB years? But that's gonna make or break his legacy, how he deals with his teams defensive coaches.


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                              personally i see him going to dallas, although chicago is probably where he wants to go. i would like to see him in jacksonville, prolly the only place thats been mentioned that i would be able to cheer for.
                              go broncos