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HOW good is Darren Sharper?

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    Originally posted by GridironChamp View Post
    Sharper was soooo mediocre when he left GB for Minn it's really surprising me
    how good he is doing this year...
    One of the reasons why he's producing so extraordinarily this year is that the Saints' DC, Gregg Williams, allows him greater leeway. In MN, he was more constrained; that doesn't play to some of his strengths, though he still performed well. He's got amazing instincts and reads opposing QBs like an expert card shark picks up on "tells" at the poker table. Let him make some of his own decisions and he'll make most of 'em right.

    Good grief, am I ever glad we have him here in New Orleans!

    I suspect Champ Bailey's due at least a couple of pick-6es himself. That guy's scary...but I hope my team gets to face him, because you know the only place that'd happen this season is in Miami.


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      Originally posted by BarkdogRX7 View Post
      Champ hasnt had a pick 6 since like 2005, and Sharper has 3 so far in 6 weeks, this guy is playing out of his mind right now. He's gonna set some records this year I bet
      He was a HOF before this season even started.


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        Darren Sharper is so good he can wax his car while driving it.
        Thank you to my grandfather jetrazor for being a veteran of the armed forces!