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    Originally posted by iowabronco24 View Post
    Ha, ya I remember when Bears fans were saying Forte was a top 5 RB...what a joke. The guy doesn't even do well when his O line even gives him a chance. He's not strong nor fast nor very quick. Everything about this guy just screams average.
    I thought that watching him last year! Could never figure out how he did so well his rookie year. Thought maybe I was missing something.


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      Originally posted by PUAlum View Post
      ExBearsFan, you have some serious issues. If you really are an ex Bears fan, you are no longer allowed to say "Someday, maybe we'll be back", especially if you are enjoying watching the Bears implode. I'm a Bears fan who is rooting for the Broncos as well this year because I happen to be a big fan of Orton and think he was never given a fair shot. I'm also a Purdue grad, so I'm a little biased on that one. As much as I was pissed that the Bears traded for Cutler when I did not think we needed to do that, I am still going to root for the "Beloved" first and foremost, and before the Broncos. Also, the GM of the Bears is Jerry A., but you keep referring to Jerry D. It's Angelo, not D'Angelo, If you were really a true Bears fan, you'd know the name of the GM. Perhaps you were using "D" as an abbreviation for something else, Like, Di_khead?
      I've been trying to forget..... lol's earned, not given.



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        I kept trying to tell bears fans in the off season of what he will bring you, all bears fans wanted 2 hear was super bowl this and nfc title that. He had a better offense here in Denver and we never even got to the playoffs! Now u guys are seeing what we saw and now everyone is like "OMG what is this?!" now u guys have him...but the same problems are still there