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The playoffs this year....

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    Originally posted by Mygtar View Post
    Norv Turner getting fired would make it even more fantastic.
    LOL....nice...however, I like Norv right where he is.
    I'm not a


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      Originally posted by Alastor View Post
      I have always said, since the day it was implemented, that free-agency does not create parity.

      It does NOT make the teams more competitive with each other. What it does do is make the league more dynamic.

      Dynamic in the sense that this year's champion could be next year's bottom-feeder. This year's bottom-feeder could be next year's champion.

      That's not parity. That's just anarchy.

      The teams are just as unbalanced as they ever were before. Who is on top changes rapidly, but that doesn't mean the teams are any more balanced than they used to be.

      Thus, crappy playoffs - except now you don't know who is on which team and your favorite players are probably not going to be on your team next season. It alienates the fans.

      "Oh, wait, the Jets are good this year? Who is their quarterback this season?"

      "Wait, wait, wait! I thought the Steelers were good! They won last year, did their players all get free agency?"

      It confuses the fans, and alienates them because they don't get a chance to see "their players" each season for their team.

      It usually takes me months to figure out our roster each season - and even longer to figure out everyone else's.

      The move for "parity" has done anything but create it.

      All it's done is create an awful lot of movement. It hasn't changed the balance of teams at all. If anything, it's imbalanced the teams more than ever - and at a rapid pace.

      That's why the playoffs suck. It's not just isolated to this season. It's been happening for a while now.
      Excellent post Alastor. I think you stated your points in an affective manner. Except, I just disagree about the parity. I have to leave so I dont have much time to debate this right now. Nutshell....I think the teams do suffer a bit because of familiarity. However, at the end of the day, what team is going to over come that, and put it together. Right now, Manning is consistantly there. So he is the elite. I want to pick your brain on this later this evening or later on....I have been hearing people on talk radio say the same things...I just dont fully agree...