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Why was Rivers not Ejected

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    Originally posted by BRONCOS_OWN_U16 View Post
    no intentional contact doesnt matter.

    rod smith was ejected in 2003 when he tried to punch a raider but missed and hit the ref instead.

    you think rod smith would intentionaly punched a ref?
    lol I remember that. Hilarious.


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      Originally posted by Roddoliver View Post
      It was better to see them losing with Rivers on the field
      Agreed, Rivers is starting to get those homer "star" calls but he blew up on the ref. Which I don't get, he was so mad but he was 30 yards away from the play, how did he have the best look on the field? He shoulda been tossed but...such is life


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        regardless of if he meant to do it or not, Its because he is a QB.


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          The funny thing was, the ref made the right call, so he's essentially mad that they didn't give them a massive break! But, yeah, some QBs get more slack than others (Tom Brady, anyone?).

          And I, too, don't think Stokely meant to touch the ref; he was flinging his hands in disgust just as the ref was raising his and they bumped. Ticky-tack call, imo, esp. since Brandon was being held and we'd just gotten a couple of calls exactly like that against us. Didn't blame him a bit for being mad. A fifteen-yard unsportsmanlike would have been plenty in that situation.
's earned, not given.



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            There was no way Stokley meant to hit the ref on that toss. It was very clear he was doing a "screw that" gesture and the ref happened to put his arm up in the middle of it. That call made me angry as all heck, but I understand the rule. (although unintentional means if a ref goes down during a play, players should be ejected so I get that it's based on case to case basis but at least have some consistency?) However, if they're going to do it, they need to do it for everyone. But as has been stated before, it was better to see them lose with Rivers.

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