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Super Bowl IXIV ~ Saints and Colts

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    I got a feeling (hmmm.....catchy, may be the start of a good song).......that The New Orleans Saints will be the new SB Champions. It's a gut feeling, just like when the Giants beat the Pats. For one thing, the teams are fairly evenly matched, other than the Colts are slightly favoured. But I like the Saints. I am a big Drew Brees fan, and the team is so fun to watch. I also like the HC. I think Payton (not Peyton) will put together an exciting and relentless gameplan. Watch for some key turnovers, and if so, the Saints will go marching in.....

    Wow, if so, stay away from downtown New Orleans....this is a city that is waiting to explode, and what a lift it would be for a place that still feels the nightmare.


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      Colts because I like Manning and all casual fans seem to hate him...

      Although, I do really like Reggie Bush.
      Club Leader: Robert Griffin III > Andrew Luck

      ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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        From a guy who lives in Louisiana let me just say its crazy right now down here. Fans coming out the woodwork I've never seen this many saints fans come out in public. Its all LSU down here you hear nothing about Saints really. I know a few die hards but the bandwagon is heavy. So many bandwagoners and I for one will not be on it. With that said I pull for the colts for a few reasons. I would love to see all the saints gear and so called fans if they lose. I want to see if they will be around every corner I drive and on my radio stations when I go to work. Two I think Peyton Manning is too good of a QB and will eat the Saints secondary for lunch. Three well I'm an AFC guy I have to pull for our side to bring back the Lombardi even if its not us Broncos doing it. I will however wish the few die hard saints fans I know however good luck as they would deserve it for sticking with that team for so long. Its just getting ridiculous that all of a sudden NO has one good year and they make it now everyone is going crazy and hopping on the wagon. They even have a song out here on the radio saying Who Dat going to beat them saints. Most ridiculous song I've ever heard. I'm not making that up have you guys heard it? Its a rap song and I don't know who made it but its horrible lol. I never in my life heard someone make a song about the saints now all of a sudden they all that come on man! Thats what I'm talking about I pray like crazy the colts win just to see the priceless looks on peoples face. Should be a hell of a game nonetheless Anyways go colts


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          I can truthfully say I can't wait for tomorrow!!


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            Saints (+6) for me.

            Colts win by 3 or 4, I win a nice chunk.

            Saints play their game, I win a nice chunk.

            Should be a good one.


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              Colts 34 Saints 27

              I'm a big Peyton Manning fan and would like to see him get a 2nd ring. I just dont think the Saints can slow down Peyton Maning for 4 quarters. The Saints rely on turnovers and the Colts dont turn it over that much. The Saints better hope they can pressure with there front four, because if the Saints blitz Peyton, there in some deep shiiit.


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                I'm pulling for New Orleans.


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                  Colts, I still dislike the Saints for injuring my 2 favorite QBs. If they want to win, they need to earn it, and that earning it is not by ripping Manning's head off.


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                    I just think Drew Brees deserves this. He's a classy, hardworking guy and he plays his position so well it's remarkable how little people mention him compared to Manning. Plus, man, NO deserve the after-party.

                    Should be a great game but NO is practically my second team.
                    Admittedly this is massively influenced by my blatant man-crush.

                    LET'S GO SAINTS! :salute!:
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                      Saints all the way, Colts and Peyton got their ring a while back, they're good


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                        Originally posted by Nomad Broncofan View Post
                        I'll be rooting for the Saints. Born and raised near Lake Charles, La,(moved away in 1991 and haven't lived down there since) I never thought the Saints would be here and I'm glad for them. I was never a Saints fan but have many of family and friends who are! The Katrina thing is media hype and the Saints fan are thrilled to be in the SB because they have been such a lousy team for so long!! GO SAINTS!!

                        With this said, Peyton Manning is just too good and will lead the Colts to another SB win and the first in their blue unis!! Saints will put up points just not enough!

                        Colts 34

                        Saints 26
                        I'm happy to have been wrong !! Congrats SAINTS!! Louisiana is one big party now and Mardi Gras is right around the corner!!