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Who will win the NFC West?

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    The division belongs to the Cards until someone takes it away from them and I believe that team, this year, will be the 49ers. They almost succeeded last year. They have a tough, defensive minded coach leading the way with a bruising offense.

    With the loss of Kurt Warner and the every lingering questions of Matt Leinart’s ability to produce has me second guessing a three peat for the defending NFC West champs.

    The Rams are rebuilding with a rookie quarterback at the helm. The team still has some playmakers, so I’m not saying there isn’t any hope, but chances appear to be slim at best they greatly improve this season. Although I believe they will improve from their gruelingly 1-15 record a season ago.

    Seahawks oh Seahawks, where have thou gone? There once was a time where the NFC West went through Seattle, but that time has gone and much like the Rams, appear to be in the mist of rebuilding. With a coach turned pro yet again, I also expect this team to be improved, but I believe the division title will quickly slip away.


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      49ers, but i do think the Cardinals will be better then expected..

      49ers- 9-7
      Cardinals- 8-8
      Seahawks 5-11
      Rams 3-13


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        I would like to add that I feel sorry for Stephen Jackson.


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          I gotta go with the 49ers. They are most complete team in there division it's to bad though I think NFC West is weakest division in all of football. Seahawks are in rebuilding process along with the Rams and a rookie QB. Cardinals will be weaker this year lost of Kurt Warner will really Kurt them badly they need a new QB Matt Leinart is a bust Cardinals need give someone else a chance at QB. It's going be a cake walk for 49ers this year.


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            Umm ... there isn't really any good team in this division. Cardinals used to be good with Warner. Now they have the "wonderful" combo of Matt Leinart and Derek Anderson at QB.

            The Rams were one of the worst teams these past two seaons.

            Seahawks have a new coach.

            49ers have a horrible QB.

            Believe it or not, this division is so bad that 8-8 may actually win it.

            What team could that be? Anybody's guess.

            I'll go with ... umm .... 49ers because they are named after a historic event - the Gold Rush of 1849!
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