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Leinart got cut!

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    Originally posted by Tarquin View Post
    I think Joe Montana or Tom Brady are the epitome of "dink and dunk passers."

    Leinart is an example of a QB who can't do a damned thing right.
    Yep thats a fair statement I think

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      Damn, have you ever watched Tom Brady sling a football? He has a big time arm and is very accurate.

      His arm and Joe Montana's arm should not even be mentioned in the same sentence.

      Both QBs are all time greats though, one just did the same thing with a lesser arm.


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        Leinart seriously has to be the biggest dopey basterd in history.

        First, he gives up being the probable #1 overall draft pick to go back to school, take ballroom dancing and win a National Championship.

        Whoops, didnt win that National Championship.

        Falls down the draft board, essentially losing millions that he would have had had he come out in his Junior year.

        Stinks it up so bad that the "washed up vet" that they bring in as insurance takes his job.

        Has to watch while Warner completely re-invigorates his career, becomes a Cardinal legend and leads the team to the Super Bowl.

        Finally gets Old Man Warner out of the way so he can get his starting job back, only to completely suck in the preseason and get bounced to the curb. Not traded, flat out cut.

        Signs with a team in which he will have absolutely no chance at starting.

        Getting paid to stand around and party with skanks. That is the Leinart Way of Life!

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