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''The person who is going to kill this team is the quarterback''

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    Originally posted by 12and4 View Post
    lol, trade orton BACK to chicago... that would be hilarious!

    but anyways... i love orton.... he will be here for 20 years
    With 16 SB appearances and 10 SB victories...Orton will get to hold that trophy he gave Chicago an opportunity to win but Rex ruined it /homer comment of the day

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      Originally posted by OhBehave30 View Post
      GREAT facts there, my friend. I told all my buddies that this was exactly what Chicago was doing last year - making their investment look good. Do you have any idea where you got those from? Is it just, I can never find good stats like that.
      Yahoo sports is a good place for general stats. ESPN is good for situational splits, etc. Sometimes you have to go through all the players of interest, one at a time, and compile the specific stats yourself. I like stats, so...

      For example:
      Get the latest updated stats and splits for quarterback Kyle Orton on ESPN.'s earned, not given.