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Can you name all 32 starting QBs in less than 5 minutes?

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    3 minutes 25 remaining, spent about 10 seconds arguing with the computer over "Roethlisberger" before I caved and realised it was the week 1 starting QB.

    I just did what I do when I'm naming all the teams, do it by divions. AFC - West->East->North->South->NFC - West->East->North->South


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      I had it all but the spelling was screwing me up. I started over without looking at the final answers. I manually spelled out all the QB's. My spelling was off but i did it.

      Cool puzzle, too bad it was so specific with the spelling. And I had trouble with Henne too, it really thought about it when i put it in.


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        I got all of them but Matt Schaub...why the hell is there a c in his name!!!
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        Originally posted by kishzilla
        You truly are a special kind of strange ha ha ha.
        You damn right!

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          I brainfarted on Tom freaking Brady. :doh:
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          ^^^Get used to it.^^^


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            To be completely honest this is he second time, as i tried typing in Hasselback instead of Hasselbeck, so :x


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              Originally posted by WhoDeyBengals View Post

              Give it a try. I did it with a perfect score, but I had a serious brain fart toward the end on a player I didn't think I'd have trouble with. Good luck!
              Whew. Finished with 59 seconds to spare. That was fun. That website reminds me of sporcle. I love sporcle.

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