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    Flacco is a solid young QB. Although he put up stats that were very similar to Orton's last season, he is a completely different player. Flacco's strength is in stretching the field, standing tall in the pocket and taking shots. He made play after play on 3rd down to keep drives moving against the Jets, even after taking some very hard hits from that physical Jets pass rush. Orton is more of a game manager, who can execute McDaniel's offense with precision. Both are capable of winning games for their teams.

    I don't get the hatred of Flacco. I think he got a bum rap from his performance down the stretch last year, when he was so beat-up that he could barely walk. IIRC, after the Raiders game at the end of the year he was unable to sit down on the plane because his side was so messed up. He had to lay down in the aisle the whole flight.

    He could very well be a pro-bowl caliber QB sooner than later. I would argue that he has more upside than Orton, simply because he has more downfield accuracy.


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      LOL>.....Flock a Seaguls today....