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kevin kolb or michael vick

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  • kevin kolb or michael vick

    i think that they both will be good, i bet vick would look good but reid will have kolb in starting every game untill he can't if he doesn't look good kafka will to start in 2-3 years but the only way vick starts when kolb is healthy is if he is trade even if he would get better stats.
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    Kolb failed his concussion test


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      Kolb is the only person in NFL history to throw for over 300 yards in each of his first 2 NFL starts.

      I think Kolb is going to be the real thing, although he didn't look all that great before getting knocked out, literally, by Green Bay.

      Vick will do well this weekend against Detroit, but Kolb will be the man in Philly for a long time, imo.


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        Kolb wasn't performing well at all before he received a concussion. I'd go with Vick, he looked fantastic.


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          well Kolb didn't pass the concussion test so this week it has to be Vick. But for week 3 i feel Kolb should get the starting job back, unless Vick has and amazing game today.
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            Eagles offense looks way better with Vick, unfortunately for Eagles fans, Kolb is cleared and will start against Jaguars.


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              Vick looked far more impressive out there than Kolb, but Andy Reid doesn't care. He's rolling with Kolb this season, barring injury.


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                Especially now after week two, Vick all the way, weird two years ago no one wanted him on any team, now people are on the wagon again, I still have a Vick Falcs jersey, go Mikey


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                  I would go with Vick. If he remained to be the real deal would keep Kolb as backup until I had to trade him.

                  Completely understand why Reid is going with Kolb tho.
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                    Putting my personal dislike for Vick aside...... its still Kolb

                    1) I'm not going to bury the kid after one bad half of football, I want to see what he is capable of.
                    2) Kolb had a rough time against what is a very good Green Bay Defense. Vick lit it up against a bad Lions D. (as for the second half of the Green Bay game, I have no idea why they kept playing nickle D when we were running the ball both with Vick and McCoy)
                    3) When I went to TC, it wasn't even close who was the better passer. On the particular day I went, we commented how Kafka was looking like the #2
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                      Ray Didinger, the only Philly sports writer who you should ever bother reading, wrote a really nice article on the topic.

                      Didinger: Why the Eagles are Sticking with Kolb
                      Monday, September 20, 2010
                      Posted: 7:34 p.m.

                      By Ray Didinger

                      During Postgame live on Comcast SportsNet, a viewer sent an e-mail asking if Andy Reid’s decision to start Kevin Kolb in Jacksonville was based on "loyalty.”

                      The answer is no, this isn’t about loyalty. That would suggest Reid is making this call on emotion and might be doing so against his better judgment. We see this with coaches who stick with veterans too long because they feel they owe it to them. But that’s not the case with Reid and Kolb.

                      Kolb has exactly three NFL starts. This isn’t Don Shula and Dan Marino. It isn’t even Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb. It’s not like these guys have climbed the mountain together and shared a lot of glory. That’s where loyalty sometimes becomes part of the equation.

                      Reid is making this call for one reason: he still believes in Kolb. He still believes Kolb has what it takes to run this offense and win games. You might not believe it – and judging by the fan polls, you don’t – but the coach believes it and for that reason he will put Kolb back on the field and return Michael Vick to the role of backup and wildcatter.

                      A quarterback controversy is good for talk radio, TV pundits and newspaper sales, but it is rarely good for a football team. However, the Eagles are waist-deep in one now even if the coach refuses to acknowledge it. It will only grow in volume if things go badly this week, especially with McNabb’s return to the Linc looming on the horizon.

                      Here’s what I think Reid is thinking with going back to Kolb this week:

                      • He wants Kolb to have a good game to wash away the stain of the Green Bay debacle and he knows Jacksonville stinks. This is the right opponent at the right time.

                      • He doesn’t want Kolb, fresh off a concussion, facing a fierce pass rush. What better opponent than the Jaguars, the team that had the fewest sacks in the NFL last season (14).

                      • It is an opponent Kolb saw just last month and even though it was a pre-season game, he played against the Jaguars starters so he is familiar with them.

                      • Jacksonville is a favorable venue. If the game was at the Linc, fans would be chanting for Vick the first time Kolb went three-and-out. It helps to be on the road, especially in Jacksonville where the stadium figures to be half-empty (unless Eagle fans buy up all the tickets in which case ignore what I just said).

                      • If Reid started Vick and he had another big game, the coach would face a real dilemma the following week against Washington. If Vick was coming off three big games and Reid sat him down to start Kolb against McNabb, imagine the pressure on Kolb in that spot?

                      This is tricky business and Reid will have to be a very adept juggler to pull it off.

                      There are those who say Reid should just stay with Vick because he gives the team the best chance to win right now. As Herman Edwards once said so memorably, "You play to win the game.”

                      Well, sometimes it’s not that simple.

                      If you make the kind of commitment the Eagles made, trading a franchise quarterback in McNabb to clear the way for Kolb, if you believed in him that strongly and spent the off-season structuring your offense around him, you have to give it a fair chance to play out. That means allowing the young quarterback to work through the inevitable rough patches even if it means losing a few games along the way.

                      Vick has played very well two weeks in a row. He dusted off his spin moves and flashed that dazzling speed, but more importantly, he made plays from the pocket, allowing plays to develop and delivering the football. Even though he played the whole game in Detroit, he finished with fewer rushes (seven) than the previous week against Green Bay (11). He was more patient and more productive, even in the face of a heavy pass rush.

                      So there is a temptation for the Eagles to stay with Vick and see if he can continue this roll, especially with the way the offensive line is being overrun. Vick’s ability to avoid the rush and dance out of trouble would seem to give the Eagles a better chance to win games now. But is that the direction they should be going?

                      You look at the O-line and a defense that gave up 444 yards to the Lions (with a backup quarterback in Shaun Hill) and you can’t realistically say this is a Super Bowl contender. So what does winning games now really mean? They should let Kolb play and see if he justifies their confidence. It’s not a question of loyalty or saving face, it’s just going back to the original plan and giving it a chance to play out.

                      I support Reid’s decision to go back to Kolb now that he is cleared to practice and play. Judging by the e-mails I’ve received, it is not the popular decision, but I feel it is the right one. But now Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg must do a better job of game-planning and play-calling for Kolb. They didn’t help him at all in the Packer game.

                      Reid and Mornhinweg did a good job Sunday. They called screen passes (which they didn’t call until the fourth quarter against Green Bay) and some nicely designed short throws that took advantage of the Lions’ aggressiveness. They also exploited the spacing in the Detroit line by running the ball between the tackles. LeSean McCoy had almost as many rushing touchdowns (three) as he had rushing attempts (seven) against Green Bay.

                      Another example: On third-and-one at the Detroit 20, Vick took the snap and instead of keeping it himself, he pitched it to McCoy who had clear sailing around end for a 12-yard gain. Compare that to the ill-conceived fourth-and-one Vick plunge that killed the Eagles comeback against Green Bay.

                      Vick did well in Detroit and the offensive approach was part of it. When Kolb returns, Reid and Mornhinweg have to keep the same principles in mind – screen passes to slow the rush, running the ball when the defense plays nickel, and perhaps fewer wildcat plays – to give him the same chance for success.

                      E-mail Ray Didinger at [email protected]
                      "I don't know what was harder -- that [Phillies lineup] or the AL All-Star team lineup," - Dan Haren 7/28/2009

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                        I am a bit biased.

                        But, absolutely have to go with Kolb.

                        Vick had his chances to be a starter in this league. He shouldn't even be in the NFL as is. He is a convicted felon.
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