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SNF - Chicago Bears at New York Giants

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  • That had to be one of the worst (best?) halves of football I had ever seen. Both teams look totally inept. The Bears being just a little worse.

    I gotta say I took sick pleasure in watching Cutler get sacked, fumble, picked etc for a while, then it got sad.

    Hope he's OK.


    • Originally posted by Broncoholic JS View Post
      That was at Folsom Field (the home of CU). Can't wait to join the Pac 10 next year!!
      yea, if CU ever gets a big win at ASU i hope they dont rush the field, they will all die jumping from the upper deck. Ariz St and U. Ariz have the majority of its visiting secitions in the upper decks.


      • Knowing the Bears, they'll throw Cutler back into the lineup regardless.

        "How many fingers do you see?"


        "He's good to go!"'s earned, not given.



        • Originally posted by Rollo View Post
          Cutler, Collins both cant play next week, So Henne will start. Who will back him up?

          Do you mean Hanie?

          I'm guessing that Cutler gets cleared to play next week. It's against the Panthers, so it doesn't matter too much. The Panthers are a 1-dimensional running team, and the Bears are very good at stopping the run. It looks like a mismatch.


          • He sure wasn't helping the cause hanging onto the ball that long..... It was like watching a slow motion car accident....


            • Originally posted by MileHighStud View Post
              I actually enjoyed watching cutler getting PWND!!!
              Ever since I saw the quote from Cutler at the end of 2009 season about the QB only being able to do so much and it being a team game I realized...

              He now knows what he left behind in Denver.

              I do not enjoy him getting killed but I do hope he remembers in 2008 he was sacked only 12 times all year. He was tossing the ball to guys like Royal Marshall and Scheff and pretty sure he would love to be throwing to Lloyd, Gaffney and DT.

              Better watch what you ask for because you just may get it.

              Hope he does not get hurt but I do hope everytime he gets sacked 4+ times and looks up to see crappy WRs he realizes he made a huge mistake in leaving.
              Skill + Effort = Talent. Talent + Effort = Achievement. A. Duckworth - Grit.


              • Didn't Orton take 6 sacks Sunday and lead the Broncos to victory?


                • Re watch the Giants sacks, then compare them to the Orton sacks....while you are at it, watch the other Bears games and watch those sacks as well....then dig up any pre-season games and watch those sacks.

                  He is getting pummeled like David Carr did.....