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ugh watching this makes me wonder

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    Originally posted by BroncoManiac_69 View Post
    Cutlers being an athlete isn't in question, it's his decision issues that hurts him.

    He panics under pressure.
    As does our current QB. I don't want either of them, Jay or Kyle, to be honest.


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      Originally posted by Mac Dre View Post
      Well I guess you can say it's a team game. Considering the only thing good then, was Jay and the passing game.
      not good enough, kinda like Cutlers career thus far
      He's still Tim Tebow... and you're NOT!
      But Peyton Manning will win a Super Bowl.


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        Originally posted by Kilroy View Post
        not good enough, kinda like Cutlers career thus far
        Kyle has not been special for us and watching him against SF showed why I preferred Jay. Watch the phantom sack against SF then watch that first clip 7 seconds in that is the kind of thing Kyle could never do the upside on Jay is a lot higher. Orton isn't bad ,but does not have that upside. Also both of them have been average as far was wins go ,but lets be honest they have had total garbage to work with though Cutler with us had the coaching advantage.


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          Originally posted by Bubby Brister View Post

          how good jay could have been under Mcdanials regardless if you like him or not Jay athletically as a Qb is very impressive watching him avoid pressure reset the vip it into spots makes me think with Mcdanials coaching he would have been amazing
          I tell you what, 2008 was a fun season for me. We had such an exciting to watch offense I had seen since 97/98 (Not to mention the most amazing win over the Chargers ever).

          The defense was downright putrid though. When the other team got the ball, no matter where it was, I knew they'd score somehow.

          Regardless of who the players were, I'm still going to give fun teams their respect. 2008 was a fun team for me.

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            Jay wouldn't even take a call from Mr. Bowlen, I highly doubt that he would take a play call from Coach Mcdaniels.


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              This video is more accuarate- Jay Cutler vrs Denver


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                He just threw another pick in the end zone. No, I don't miss him one bit.